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"I didn't want to do this... but you leave me no choice! Here comes the smolder!" These are a few of my favorite things:




You want to see something punny ??


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I mainly took this video because Teri wanted to hear Hatter do this song, but it’s a good one to video… regardless.

So as I previously mentioned, the Jake Abel/Lucas Till as Soda/Dally struggle was real. @twu21 will like this one ‘cause I ended up using Jake Abel as my model for #sodapopcurtis.

1) At some point, Pony describes Soda as looking like a Greek god come down to earth, and you know I could not pass up an opportunity like that (Re: PJO movies), 2) S.E. Hinton is a huge fan of Supernatural. Is it a coincidence that my #theoutsiders fancasted Curtis boys are all Winchesters? Maybe. Maybe not.


Hayley Atwell discussing Agent Carter at SDCC.

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I don’t know what y’all are applauding for, I ain’t gonna sing for ya.

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Zac and Missy being adorable newly-weds at Nerd HQ 2014

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Gravity Falls at San Diego Comic-Con 2014

An eventful day! Full of surprises and puppets! Here is a quick rundown of what happened.

Each person was given a postcard, a badge featuring the portal poster design, and an invisible ink pen. It’s been reported that a small number of those postcards contain season 2 information written in invisible ink!

There was a live read before showing off upcoming merchandise like non-specific figurines. A Bill Cipher puppet descended on the crowd warning on disembowelment should anyone share the secrets being shown.

A supposed season 2 trailer was delayed and replaced with a “fanmade” one by Soos. In it, he comments on fan art and shipping in Gravity Falls and whether or not "WenRobally" (Wendy & Robbie) or "FlavTrallity" (Gravity & Falls) will get back together.

Ariel made an appearance this year at the panel and was introduced when asked the inspiration for Mabel. “She owned a lot of crazy sweaters”

Next was a Q&A with all questions involving spoilers directed to the McGucket puppet that was on hand. Here is a short rundown.

-No Infinity Figures are coming. Only a Mystery Shack level/texture pack and probs like the Kitten Fists and Mystery Cart.
-Smile Dip is based off of FunDip and expired sugar.
-Mabel always has the grappling hook hidden on her.
-Clones 3 & 4 may still be alive in the forest
-The Trickster is dead.
-Alex is still pushing for a Blu-ray set but if it doesn’t happen, he may record and upload commentary himself.
-Might not see the parents at all to keep with the theme of them being away from home.
-Soos’ ethnicity is based on the whitest Cuban, but evolved into half-Mexican half-Caucasian. His real name is Jesus., but Soos is short for it.
-A Gravity Falls video game featuring Dipper and Mabel co-op was mentioned but they are still discussing it.
-Gideon and Trembley will return
-There will be some crazy battles in season 2 and the show has been designed as a full arc with an ending already in mind.

Afterwards, a signing took place in another room. Alex Hirsch, Jason Ritter, Kristen Schaal, and Thurop van Orman signed the new poster created by Paul Robertson. Gravity Falls themed Disney Infinity power discs were also handed out in advanced of the 2.0 release. 

Special thanks to everyone who was there who either took pictures or reported on what happened in the panel. Everyone who could not attend the panel thanks you for your efforts.

Hope everyone is looking forward to season 2 next week!


Chris Pratt told me that if the Guardians could team up with the Avengers he would pick Captain America. Who would you like to team up with?

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20 Red, 2 white, 1 purple. It’ll all make sense later…

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