Not All Who Wander are Lost

"I didn't want to do this... but you leave me no choice! Here comes the smolder!" These are a few of my favorite things:


It would be a huge favor to me if you would click and make that bigger and read just what the hey is happening.

Oh you don’t want to?  Because you’re too lazy?  That’s okay.  I understand.  Queen of Laziness, me.

Ok, so in response to Dani Kerry Artist thank you video for 1000 likes.. Which was super cute Dani!!! I decided to make a “like” challenge.. If I hit 1000 likes on my page before my Birthday which is June 29th, I will dress up as a fairy princess with make-up AND a tiara (I can’t believe I’m saying this) and video document it all.

Is what it says.  Before we all start  balking, don’t worry.  I asked permission.  ”No boundaries,” he said.  Well… it’s not a decision I wanted to make him regret IMMEDIATELY, you see.  I let it fester for a few days.


1) I am all about making birthday wishes happen… despite my overfondness for unbirthdays.

2) THINGS ARE WELL ON THEIR WAY!  But things can always happen faster, can’t they?

3) HE IS GOING TO DRESS HIMSELF UP AS A PRINCESS, AND DOCUMENT THE WHOLE PROCESS.  Look at that pretty face.  Don’t you want that pretty face to dress itself up as a princess?  He’s quite good with the make-up thing, too, if his ability to put on guyliner is any indication.  :)  He’d make such a pretty princess.  <3  Don’t deny it.

4) Once you like this fanpage on the Facebook, you will have lovely things show up on your newsfeed such as:
—- Videos!
—- Photos!
—- A pretty accurate schedule of events/appearances, including when he’ll be kicking it with his BFF the March Hare!
—- Updates on other projects that may also be of interest to people!

And sometimes he will whisk your fanart off and display it for everyone to see, and you’ll be like “Oh, my Facebook newsfeed is broken again…  Wait, I didn’t post these on Facebook… I only posted them on Tum- WAIT, THAT’S NOT EVEN ME.”

So anyhow… if you haven’t already, you should go like Mike Hill’s Facebook fanpage.  So he has to fulfill his promise to dress up like a princess and document the whole process.  So he can reach 1000 likes!

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